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A health app for women? YES, and you're going to love it!

Daisies and Zentric, caring for the health of women
Comprehensive medical care without leaving home, a reality. Meet daisies app, the new platform that will help you prevent and take care of your health in a comprehensive, accessible way, and from any device and place.

It is common for a new year to come loaded with plans, ideas and goals. However, it is not common that we prioritize our physical, emotional and nutritional health. 

For this reason it is good to ask ourselves:

  • When was the last time I had a health problem, did I go to the doctor, did I follow up?
  • Do I feel good?
  • Have I taken care of my diet?
  • How long ago did I have my last Pap smear/ Papanicolaou's test?
  • How much exercise did I do last year?
  • Do I live/work in an environment that is healthy for me?

If in any of these questions your answer was doubtful or even you have no answer for them, do not worry, on the contrary, congratulations, you have the opportunity to change things, since you managed to identify the area of opportunity.

Now, how can you improve your health?

The first thing to do will always be to look for the causes that prevent us from having the health care we want, we will help you with some that are very frequent.

  • Workload.
  • Transfer times.
  • Consultation/evaluation cost.
  • Frequency of visits.
  • We did not find a professional who made us feel comfortable.
  • Who do I leave my children with while I am being cared for?

Because of these and other factors, it is difficult to achieve our health as we surely wish, since in order for a woman to decide to go to her family doctor, nutritionist or psychologist, several blocks must be overcome. 

This should not happen, and that is why today we want to talk to you about an option that revolutionizes medical care for us and breaks all the gaps that can limit access to quality health services without hurting our pocket.

We want to tell you about daisies, a comprehensive health program created by women for women, which was born with the mission to innovate and change the experience that women have when taking care of themselves, this, through personalized medicine and technological tools, thus eliminating the barriers caused by high costs (money and time) and facilitating the place of access to the consultation.

With daisies, you will have access to 4 monthly consultations, fully online, in specialties such as:

  • Mental health
  • Nutritional health
  • Gynecological health
  • Skin care
  • General Medicine

For only $299 pesos per month.

This way you will be able to reduce costs and time, forget about waiting in long lines to see your doctor, or filling out your medical records over and over again every time you change specialties.

Why are you specializing?

Health is defined as the complete state of well-being, daisies knows this and that is why it has integrated the three pillar areas of health: Medicine (including gynecological and general health aspects), Psychology and Nutrition.

All of them, as a team, work with you to achieve your goals

At daisies we believe that connecting these areas will allow us to provide comprehensive coverage for your health. Your specialists, all women, will be able to consult the most important data of your profile even before starting the call.

Below are the average costs per consultation according to the specialties mentioned.

On average, how much does a woman spend on medical consultations?

You will also have many more tools integrated into the app that will help you keep a timely and daily control of your health, such as a menstrual calendar, exercise routines, food diary, and much more.

Take a tour of the website and learn more about daisies: https://daisies.mx/

And that's not all, for belonging to "The Nominee Club"daisies brings you an excellent and exclusive discount, just download the app and enter the code ZENTRIC when you purchase your subscription.

By Catherine Daran, Andrea Alvarado and Alan Salas

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