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How difficult is it to get an appointment at the SAT?

Watch the step-by-step guide to make an appointment with the SAT - Zentric
Photo: Drazen Sigic (Freepik) Making an appointment at the SAT to perform various procedures or obtain services is much easier than you think. See here the step by step.

We can't deny it, when we hear that we have to do a procedure at the SAT, we get not so positive feelings. And even more, when it comes to making an appointment for their offices.

But today we bring you great news, making an appointment at the SAT is not as complicated as you think.

You can do it completely online, but you will most likely have to face a "virtual queue".

Here we explain step by step how to obtain an appointment at the Tax Administration Service without leaving your home or office.

But first, let's review what you will be able to do at your appointment with the institution.

What procedures can I carry out at my appointment with the SAT?

The SAT offers the following catalog of procedures and services for your appointments.

  • e.signature of natural persons
  • e.signature renewal and revocation of natural persons
  • Updates and services to the RFC for individuals
  • Annual salary statement
  • My accounting for business and professional activities
  • My lease accounting
  • RFC updates and services
  • Annual statement
  • Regularization of obligations
  • Tax Incorporation Regime
  • Change of address
  • Tax guidance
  • Collections
  • Attention to requirements
  • Virtual assistance password
  • Change of address virtual office
  • Resico individuals
  • Annual Wage Statement Office
  • Annual statement Resico Offices
  • Delivery of certificates
  • Correction or incorporation of CURP
  • Correction or change of name

Make an appointment online for the SAT

It is important to mention that you will have to fill out fields with information, so it is best to have it handy.

Now follow these steps:

1.- Enter the SAT appointments portal.

2.- Choose the option 'Register appointment'.

You will see three options. Choose the corresponding one, according to your situation:

  • Taxpayer with RFC
  • Registration in the taxpayers' registry of Legal Entities
  • Registration in the taxpayers' registry Individuals

If you are a taxpayer with RFC, you must fill out the following fields:

  • RFC
  • CURP
  • E-mail address
  • Confirm e-mail

Check the box 'Accept terms and conditions on use of cookies and Privacy Notice'.

You will then be prompted with a captcha, solve it and click the "Next" button.

5.- A new menu will appear with a calendar showing the following fields:

  • Services (Select the service or procedure you wish to perform according to the list we saw earlier)
  • State (Your city)
  • Module (Select the one closest to you)

Depending on the availability of appointments, the system will confirm on which days and times an appointment can be scheduled.

But, here comes the bad news. If there is no availability, you will have to do 'Virtual Queue'.

This means that you will be notified via email when appointments become available.

How long can the SAT's "Virtual Row" last?

There is no exact time, but from experience, we can tell you that it can take several business days or even weeks before your turn arrives.

Therefore, plan well and try to do this with plenty of time to spare.

Are there other procedures I can do with my SAT appointment?

Yes! There are some "simpler" procedures that you can do by phone at 55 627 22 728. Then choose option 2.

These procedures that you can carry out by telephone are:

  • Obtain Tax Status Certificate
  • Status of your SAT ID request
  • Information on electronic signature, password and Tax Identification Card and Incorporation to RFC
  • Guidance on tax obligations
  • Foreign trade information
  • Complaints, denunciations, suggestions or clarifications

What do you think? Definitely making an appointment at the SAT is much easier than you thought, isn't it?

This way we can lose our fear of the institution and start to be up to date in order to comply with all our obligations.

Remember that a good payroll software can also help you streamline your processes with the SAT.

Payroll Software - Zentric. Your automatic payroll agenda

Finally, we invite you to subscribe to our blog to keep up to date with the world of payroll.

See you next time!

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